Promoting Women in Science: Postdoc Network Resources

This is a selection of articles that have appeared on the Postdoc Network and elsewhere on Science's Next Wave on the subject of women's career progression in the sciences. The underrepresentation of women in science and engineering degree programs and careers is not news. In fact, it is old news. So why do we keep hearing about it? Should we continue to pay attention? Most definitely. It is going to take the concerted effort of women and men, on fronts personal and institutional, to effect meaningful change. We have established the urgency. It is time to identify ways we can change the culture of science. As Kirstie Urquhart argues, it is time to move beyond data collection and actually try to do something.

The purpose of this regularly updated compendium is to feature solutions: programs that can and do improve the outlook for women in science. A few articles are included that document the research on issues for women in science: gender disparities in degree programs, leadership roles, tenure rates, pay, resource allocation ... the list goes on. We offer in response articles on institutions that are developing leadership programs, postdocs and grad students who have developed successful mentoring groups, and even professional societies that are stepping up to develop family-friendly policies. To echo one of the writers, we encourage you--men and women--to take an active role in implementing some of these strategies.

Essential Reading: Research on the Gender Gap

Women Without Tenure: Why They Leave Cathy Trower

The Heart of the Matter Douglas Curran-Everett

Tenured Women Battle to Make it Less Lonely at the Top Andrew Lawler

Women's Salaries: Why the Wage Gap Worsens Kevin Boyd

Focus on the UK

Enough Talk, Let's See Some Action! Kirstie Urquhart

Women in Science: Is Gender an Issue in Science and Engineering Employment? Jan Peters

Men Wanted Kirstie Urquhart

UK Women: Still Second Best in Science? Natasha Loder

Mentoring and Networking Programs

The Pipeline is a Choice, Not an Obligation Helen McBride

Let's Talk: Small Group Mentoring Dinners Nicole Mahoney

Editorial Boards: A Step Up the Academic Career Ladder Laure Haak

Family-Friendly Practices: Working for Institutional Change

Dual-Career Couples Feature

Conference Childcare: An Emerging Career Development Issue Leslie Pray

EmPOWREment and ADVANCEment for Women Mirjam Kempf

Postdoc Parents See Room for Improvement Josina C. Reddy

Developing Family-Friendly Policies: The Role of Institutions Aparna Sreenivisan

Can Academic Research Be a Family-Friendly Career? The Role of Disciplinary Societies in Shaping Workplace Policy Terri L. Nally

Balancing Career and Motherhood

The Joys and Struggles of Women of Color in Academia Laura Harrison

Science and the Single Mom Rachel West

Mixing Science and Motherhood Lynn Smith

Solutions for Pregnant Postdocs Emily Klotz

Affordable Childcare for Postdocs: One Institution's Solution Karen Spratt

Balancing Family and Career Forum Archive

Solutions to Postdoc Parenting Problems Emily Klotz

You Can Come Back!

Grants for Women: It's Now a Family Affair Melissa Mertl

Reentering the Scientific Workforce Feature

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