Partnering for Young Scientists

S cience's Next Wave Germany and Science-Jobs-DE, hosted by the University of Heidelberg, have formed a strategic alliance with the aim of improving access to career advice and job search assistance for young scientists in Germany. Next Wave and Science-Jobs-DE recognise and meet the high demand for career information among graduates, postgraduates, and postdocs. The portals? creators believe that the weekly features, articles, and news stories on careers open to scientists on and off the bench and tips for job hunting and information on emerging research fields provided by Next Wave ideally complement the regularly updated database of available jobs provided by Science-Jobs-DE. To better assist their international readerships, Science-Jobs-DE and Science's Next Wave Germany both provide the majority of their information bilingually--in German and in English. In the future, both portals will collaborate on joint outreach and promotional activities, including linking related content on their Web sites. Through their joint efforts, Science-Jobs-DE and Science's Next Wave hope to contribute to the promotion of scientific excellence for the next generation of scientists in Germany.

Science-Jobs-DE Science-Jobs-DE is Germany's only national, cross-disciplinary job engine for the academic job market. The service is free of charge, both to job seekers using the portal for their job search and for employers posting their job openings to the site. Up to 100 new job offers from the scientific community are posted each week, categorised by different scientific disciplines. Job seekers can either browse the constantly updated Web archive, or can subscribe to an e-mail alert list to receive job announcements on a regular basis.

Because of its excellent reputation in Germany, especially among job seekers, Science-Jobs-DE is an efficient recruitment tool for universities, research centers, and even industry. It is maintained by Professor Michael Hebgen of the University of Heidelberg's computer center and can be considered a true volunteer, grassroots effort. Hebgen runs the server in his leisure time.

Science-Jobs-DE at a Glance

Science's Next Wave Germany Whereas Science-Jobs-De features jobs available, Science's Next Wave Germany has a slightly different focus. Next Wave targets young researchers in particular at a time when they are making crucial career decisions. Through a mixture of first-person stories, expert advice, and news articles in a weekly online magazine format with a fully searchable content archive, Next Wave helps scientists at an early stage of their careers to decide whether to remain in academic research or to transfer into industry or to other careers. Once the choice of direction has been made, Next Wave?s articles on topics such as how to write a grant proposal, the difficulties of combining career and family, how to transfer into industry, and what it takes to become an entrepreneur aid readers in following their desired paths. Monthly features highlight the opportunities in fields such as polar research and bioinformatics and nonresearch opportunities such as scientific broadcasting and translating and interpreting.

The German edition of the international portal is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

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