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A Catalan Adventure
Bernhard Baumgartner
23 January 2004
Bernhard Baumgartner describes how he went about choosing the lab for his fellowship, and how he got the most out of his two years in Barcelona, from both a personal and a professional point of view.

Postdoc to Freelance: Dimensions of a Work-Life Niche
Benjamin Hemmens
9 January 2004
In the final instalment of his story, Ben Hemmens reflects on how the niche he has created for himself differs from his working life as a postdoc and how in many ways his new lifestyle has made him a happier person.

Working in English Language Services
Benjamin Hemmens
12 December 2003
In his first article, Benjamin Hemmens explained his decision to turn his back on postdoctoral research. Here he describes what he left it for.

(There Are) 50 Ways to Leave Your Enzyme
Benjamin Hemmens
7 November 2003
As a researcher, Benjamin Hemmens has been there, done that. Although he was not exceptionally unhappy in the lab, he nonetheless took the plunge to leave and to try something else.

Club Biotech: How Students Can Make a Difference
Andreas Bergthaler
19 July 2002
Club Biotech is operating on various levels to achieve its goals of collecting and passing on essential information about the life sciences in the Vienna area, bridging the gap between students and professional scientists, and encouraging young people to take a closer look at the world of science.

Ice and Life
Birgit Sattler
8 March 2002
At the University of Innsbruck, Austria, where ice and life are her topics, Birgit Sattler's research looks at microbial diversity in alpine, arctic, and antarctic environments.


Industry Insider: The European Steel Industry, a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes
Albert Michels
18 November 2005
The European steel industry has managed to rejuvenate itself through technological innovation, and the only thing it is now short of are specialised young scientists.

A Voice for Disabled Scientists
Karsten Exner, Wolf Strauß
20 June 2003
The Resability Forum of Disabled Scientists (resability stands for 'research' and 'ability'), founded by disabled scientists in Germany and Austria, aims to offer a forum for discourse about research and teaching from a disability-specific perspective.

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