Special Greetings to Singapore's Scientific Community


With this week's issue of Science's Next Wave, we are proudly inaugurating a home page especially dedicated to Singapore's scientific community. As the editor of Science, I am pleased by nothing more than this opportunity to collaborate with the citizens of one of the world's most dynamic islands.

Our partners, members of Singapore's Economic Development Board (EDB), are ambitious and dedicated (see also the accompanying editorial by EDB Chairman Philip Yeo). The goal of our EDB partners is nothing less than to foster world-class research in Singapore. We at Science, the world's largest-circulation scientific journal, are delighted to offer our help in this regard by providing young scientists working in Singapore with world-class advice through our special Web site.

When we first recognized the crying need among young people in the United States for better mentoring about scientific careers--and about career alternatives to research--we never dreamed that our efforts would be viewed as equally valuable internationally. But each year, we have become more international. Now Singapore joins Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany (with the Netherlands soon behind) in sponsoring a home version of our site. The European Union and the European Science Foundation are independently considering funding Next Wave's creation of a pan-European career-mentoring service. Perhaps Singapore will be the flag bearer for a pan-Asian effort of this sort. If so, one can imagine a breathtaking possibility: a global Web site where young scientists can share thoughts and get advice on the most difficult and important aspects of their working lives!

On behalf of the American Association for the Advancement of Science--the 153-year-old, not-for-profit scientific society that publishes Science--and on behalf of the Next Wave and Science teams as well, I need to express our gratitude to Singapore Minister George Yeo and especially to EDB Chairman Philip Yeo for supporting this new alliance. For our part, we are dedicated to developing a service that meets your needs so well that you too will be grateful to the EDB and the Ministry for Trade and Industry.

But we cannot serve you well without your help and advice. Our Singapore editor, Jennie Wong ( jwong@aaas.org), will need to hear from you to know what you like, what you don't, and what you need in the way of advice. Please do not become what we in the United States call a "lurker"--someone who browses Web pages but never contributes to the discussions on them.

Next Wave is for you. The editors are young scientists, as you are. Join them and build a community of young researchers in Singapore who can share advice and help one another.

Ellis Rubinstein, Editor, Science

E-mail address: erubinst@aaas.org

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