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In conjunction with Science Magazine's special issue on undergraduate education, Next Wave and GrantsNet present an Index to recent articles about undergraduate science. We also have reposted several of the news articles from this special issue.

Getting Research Done With Undergraduate Students - Rachel Narehood Austin, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies at Bates College, talks about doing real research with undergraduate students and a heavy teaching load.

An Undergraduate Science Gender Gap? - A Research Corp. study indicates that women lag men in publication quantity at predominantly undergraduate institutions.

Forschung zum Anfassen - Matthias Schãfer writes about his duties as physics and mathematics teacher and pedagogic director of the German Space Center's (DLR) DLR_School_Lab in Gõttingen, Germany. In German.

GrantsNet describes the NASA Academy, and profiles academy participant Erin Roye.

Not Enough Students? - German Universities may face a student shortage in the coming years.

Revamping Astro 101 - Astronomers are working to build a better Intro course.

Postdoc Life at Liberal Arts Colleges, parts one and two - The life of a postdoc at a liberal arts college isnt' the typical postdoc life.

Open Wide - The life of a faculty member in Britain's Open University is a bit different from the traditional academic life.

GrantsNet describes the Alfred P. Sloan Undergraduate Feeder Program, and profiles program participant and University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Chemical Engineering Professor Jose Colucci Rios.

Distance Education - A Next Wave monthly feature on teaching and learning from afar.

New Faces, New Futures - Next Wave and AWIS profile Christine Hoffmann, Meenokshi Rao, and Andi Bill, three young women with different histories and different plans.

Physical Sciences Mentoring at UC Berkeley - Next Wave and AWIS describe Berkeley's successful mentoring program for young women.

The following articles were reposted from the August 31, 2001 issue of Science magazine.

Reintroducing the Intro Course - Eric Stokstad highlights efforts to improve the value and impact of introductory science courses.

Student Research: What is it Good For? - Jeffrey Mervis describes how after decades of blind faith, educators are finally beginning to investigate what makes for a useful undergraduate research experience.

Europe Seeks to Harmonize its Degrees - As Robert Koenig reports Europe's plans to harmonize its undergraduate degrees are gathering pace.

Online on Campus--Proceed with Caution Faculty seeking to place their instructional materials on the Web should proceed carefully, says Kathryn Brown, particularly if they're not tenured.

Making Room for Diversity Makes Sense - Successful diversity programs level the playing field for women and minorities by addressing their needs and teaching undergraduates the unwritten rules of academic science, writes Camille Mojica Rey.

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