BBSRC Supplements Stipends

The Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)has joined other Research Councils in deciding to raise its PhD stipends by more than the government minimum. Starting this October, current and new students will receive £8500 per year, up from £7380. Students in London will continue to receive an additional weighting allowance. The announcement follows March's news that Medical Research Council stipends will rise to £10,000 in the autumn. Built into BBSRC's plans are further pay boosts to £9000 in October 2002 and £9500 in October 2003. All the Research Councils received money in last year's government spending review in order to raise stipends to £7500 from this October and to £9000 by 2003. Professor Ray Baker, BBSRC's chief executive, said, "Our stipends from October will be £1000 above the government minimum, and this reflects the Council's desire to attract some of the best minds in the upcoming generation into the biosciences at a time when the scientific opportunities have never been more exciting."

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