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This week, Next Wave Canada takes a look at two Web sites that cater for undergraduate and recently graduated students. Campus WorkLink is an online campus career center operated jointly by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) and Industry Canada. And Campusaccess.com is a site developed by Canadian undergraduate students that provides a variety of information concerning employment, university and college programs in North America, health issues, and classified ads.

Campusaccess.com--An Undergraduate Meeting Place

Campusaccess.com is a one-stop site developed by Canadian undergraduate students for Canadian undergraduate students, offering advice on just about everything a Canadian undergraduate student would want to know. No registration is required for accessing this well-organized site, containing information on Canadian and U.S. universities and colleges, listings of internship programs in Canada, and tips on finding a job.

Campusaccess.com is organized into eight sections: education, student life, internships, career, travel, health, resources, and the About Us section. It even has all the elements of a regular campus newspaper--a Classifieds section which looks pretty much like any other, with housing, autos, employment, household goods, computers, new and used books, household electronics, and general merchandise categories; and a Personals section, where lonely hearts can meet in chat rooms. The site also provides a free mail service.

The Q&A section is a particularly nice, but underutilized, feature of Campusaccess.com where undergrads can post their career questions. Resident volunteer career experts Kevin Makra (author of the Canada Student Employment Guide and the Canadian Job Directory), Karen Schaffer (author of The Job of Your Life and Hire Power), and Jean-Marc Hachey (author of The Canadian Guide to Working and Living Overseas) provide thorough answers within a couple of weeks of posting. Sadly, it seems that this feature has yet to catch on with visitors to the site, as only two questions have been posted so far.

Kevin Makra has made his popular Student Employment Guide available in an abridged version free-of-charge on Campusaccess.com. The book is a helpful and thorough database of over 900 Canadian companies, their recruiting process, human resources contacts, skill requirements, available positions, salaries, etc. The site allows users to access over 500 of these companies through this online database. Also available on the site is a guide to Starting a Business, a great resource for those entertaining the idea of starting a small business and need some quick tips and advice. Published by the Canadian Bankers Association, "Getting Started in Small Business" gives the reader an idea of what's involved in the planning and preparation stage. The online booklet offers information on things you should consider from a personal perspective, understanding your market and the importance of planning a marketing strategy, the value of a business plan, sources and types of financing for a new business, and what you'll need to get your business up and running. (Editor's note: Don't forget to check out Next Wave's own articles on developing a business plan.)

Campusaccess.com doesn't provide a job database of it's own. Instead, the 'Finding a Job' section provides basic advice on interview and resume-writing techniques, industry profiles, and a bunch of links to job search sites in Canada. The site also offers users the opportunity to test their writing skills and is searching for volunteers to act as contributing writers, columnists, campus reporters, and student experts. Campusaccess.com also offers research and journalism internships. So, dust off your pen and start writing!

Campus WorkLink

Campus WorkLink is an online campus career center intended to serve undergraduate students and recent graduates. This Web site is operated jointly by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) and Industry Canada.

Campus WorkLink is a job database offering both resume-posting services for students and job-posting services for employers. Job seekers can search for full-time, part-time, summer and/or internship employment opportunities within their area of study. First-time users are required to complete a brief, one-time-only registration form, and create their own password and usercode. There are no fees involved with registration for students or academic institutions. New job seekers are able to create very detailed resumes within their personal WorkLink home page and can access a personalized online calendar that will keep them informed of career center events and activities.

Careers in science, the high-tech field, and government departments are among the 2000 or more jobs posted each month. The Campus WorkLink database has over 40,000 employers currently registered and more than 85,000 resumes from job seekers across Canada. The database also includes company corporate profiles so that job seekers can research companies to gain an understanding of their products, services, common employment opportunities, and so on.

The Campus WorkLink home page also provides a direct link to SkillNet.ca, a daily labor-market news page published by Industry Canada. This site features articles that outline current trends in the Canadian economy, including the latest updates on government funding initiatives in research and industry, and prospects for employment in agriculture, engineering, health and science, arts and culture, information technology, biotechnology, environmental studies, teaching, trade occupations, and several other fields. All in all, Campus WorkLink provides a comprehensive campus recruitment service for Canadian students and recent grads.

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