Postdoctoral Teaching: Opportunities and Resources

The Postdoc Network's article on teaching opportunities for postdocs - Practical Paths of Promising Professors - has been one of our most popular. Since many of our postdoc (and graduate student) readers are interested in teaching at a college or university, we thought we would create a list of resources to help you in your quest.

Teaching Opportunities for Postdocs -

Preparing the Professors of the Future at UC-Davis

Seeding Postdoctoral Innovators in Research and Education (SPIRE) at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Postdoctoral Research and Education Program (PREP) at Emory University

Postdoctoral Excellence in Research and Teaching (PERT) at the University of Arizona

  • Preparing Future Faculty:

    While the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program of the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) is designed primarily for graduate students, some university PFF programs allow postdocs to participate. Learn more about the PFF program in this article by Mona Mort.
    In addition to the PFF programs at over 40 institutions, some universities have created their own clone PFF-like programs. A list can be found on the PFF site. For example, Vanderbilt University has a program - Future Faculty Preparation Program - that includes postdocs.

  • Liberal Arts Colleges:

    As discussed in Leslie Pray's article (Postdoc Life at Liberal Arts Colleges, Part 1 and Part 2), postdocs at liberal arts colleges often have the opportunity to teach and mentor undergraduate students.

  • Practical Paths of Promising Professors discusses a variety of ways that postdocs can find teaching opportunities and experiences and why this experience can be critical for future success.

Advice on how to teach -

Learning How to Teach: How to Do It and Why You Want to

Gordon Uno's Handbook on Teaching Undergraduate Science Courses: A Survival Training Manual (the Next Wave's review can be found here - note: the cost of the book on 4/4/01 is $19.50).

Teaching Statements -

The Truth Behind Teaching and Research Statements

Advice on Student Evaluations -

Your Teaching Style Can Make Your Career

General advice and first-person perspectives -

Q & A: Teaching At a Liberal Arts College - a professor of biology at a small liberal arts college answers a postdoc's questions about teaching experience and making the transition to a college teaching career.

Making the Transition from Graduate School to Teaching - an assistant professor at a small college discusses and dispels the myths about college teaching.

Advice for Postdocs - In this letter to the editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education, a departmental chair gives his advice to postdocs interested in college teaching careers.

The Chronicle of Higher Education's Career Network - a great resource of job announcements in academics and free advice on academic career topics. Check out Richard Reis' recent article on Giving a Job Talk in the Sciences and Ms. Mentor's sage, and always witty, advice on life in academics.

Index of Postdoc Network Articles on Teaching Opportunities

Learning to Teach: Diary of the Postdoc Pilots. Part 2: Exams, Ethics, and Evaluations.

Science Education Partnerships: Building communities where everybody learns.

Learning to Teach: Diary of the Postdoc Pilots. Part 1: Developing the Profession.

Teaching the Professoriate: A web-based program designed for postdocs by UCSF and SF State faculty.

SPIRE program at UNC-CH prepares postdocs to be scientist-teachers for academic careers.

Teaching postdocs focus on science education instead of research.

UMass Teaching Documentation Program validates postdoc efforts to develop teaching skills.

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