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MedZilla (, online since 1994, has established itself as a true "stayer" in the world of job databases. Boasting more than 85,000 visitors every month, MedZilla lists job openings for professionals in the fields of biotechnology, health care, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and science-related industries and has an impressive list of industry clients in these areas, mostly in the United States. But the database isn't restricted to jobs in the private sector--technicians, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty can also find lots of jobs listed with academic institutions. MedZilla actively encourages universities to post academic positions for postdoctoral scientists and professorships by waiving the fee.

As the name suggests, MedZilla is dominated by biomedical-related jobs, but nevertheless engineers, physicists, and business types can also strike it lucky here. MedZilla offers free job applications over the Internet and a free résumé posting service. The abstract version of the résumé, the first screen seen by employers, limits you to three accomplishments or skills, so choose carefully. MedZilla also provides you with the information on those who read your résumé--a great feature indeed. Users can also search the salary database for information on salaries in the careers of their choice.

The layout is relatively simple and user friendly. The main page is divided into two columns--Job Seekers & Employers/Recruiters--and is searchable by title, job description, or location. Each day, the main page tells visitors how many jobs are listed. Using "chemistry" as the search key word, there were 909 listings out of 6601 jobs, with 36 listings for physics on one particular day. Besides job listings, the site has some helpful articles on job hunting, résumé tips, interactive advice columns (forums), and useful links. Give it a go!

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