Evolution's Next Step: The Postdoc Network Listserv

You have probably seen the cartoon of the fish--holding a baseball bat in his fin--looking longingly at a ball sitting on the sandy beach. Just like that "great moment in evolution," we hope that the launch of the Postdoc Network's newest feature will be a great moment in the evolution of postdoc organizations. This week, we unveil postdocnet@aaas.org--a moderated listserv to connect far-flung postdoc offices, associations, and programs and others interested in postdoc issues.

Perhaps you have questions about how other organizations have identified the postdocs on their campuses or created a complete postdoc mailing list. Or you would like to get suggestions of ways to streamline the postdoc appointment process. Post your questions to postdocnet@aaas.org, and the postdocnet subscribers--postdocs, administrators, faculty, and others--can respond directly to your query. Maybe you don't have a question, but would like other associations and offices to know about what is going on with your organization--for example, the results from a recent survey of your campus' postdocs. You can post this information too!

Here's how it works. Surf over to the Listserv for the Postdoc Network page. There--under Subscribing to Postdocnet--you'll find boxes to fill in with your e-mail address and a password. You can chose to receive messages as they are posted to the list or as a daily digest.

To post your question or information to the list, simply send a message to postdocnet@aaas.org. The message will be sent to our moderator who will then approve the message for distribution. You need to be a subscriber to post to the list, but the only restrictions are that the messages be in good taste and be relevant to postdoc issues. As always, blatant ads will not be posted.

If you have any questions about listserv or are not clear on how it works, e-mail the Postdoc Network at postdocnetwork@aaas.org.

Unlike the fish in the cartoon, you don't have to venture out onto the beach alone--with the listserv, you and your organization can learn from the successes (and failures) of your peers around the country. Onward evolution!

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