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Being an early career scientist in the UK today certainly isn't all doom and gloom. But it ain't a bed of roses either. Eavesdrop in any university science department coffee room and there's a good chance you'll hear a bunch of postdocs and PhD students putting the scientific establishment to rights. Trouble is, although you might feel better after a good whinge - for all of five minutes - it doesn't actually achieve very much, does it?

Well, Next Wave UK is here to offer you the opportunity to bend the ear of one of British science's most influential policy makers. Sir Robert May, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government, has promised to respond to the comments of Next Wave readers.

With the publication of the science White Paper and announcements of extra cash for science under the spending review, the past few weeks have been a busy time for science policy watchers. But what do you think of the Government's priorities as revealed by these reports? Are professorial 'research stars' the priority when it comes to salary boosts? Do genomics and nanotechnology have the best case for additional funding? Is it right to place such a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship? What issues that matter to you do not seem to be making it onto the Minister for Science's agenda? Perhaps the policy makers are getting it right and you'd like to see more of the same - in some areas at least...

So, Next Wave UK invites you to send us your letters for Sir Robert. We'll pick five comments or questions to put to him and then publish his answers on the site in October. Don't wait! Put finger to keyboard and email your letters to Next Wave before lunch time on Friday, 15 September. And in case it helps to concentrate your minds, we're offering Amazon.co.uk tokens to the authors of the comments we pick for Sir Robert's response.

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