Site Review: Career Owl

When you think of job databases, several dozen come immediately to mind. And Career Owl isn't usually one of them. But it should be--with almost 3000 jobs currently listed and an amazingly rich set of tools and interactive features, this site is fantastic.

This job site works like most others--you register your resume, browse job categories, and apply online to jobs that are posted. And, like other job sites, registering your resume on Career Owl takes a while. But a neat feature of this site is that you can preview the services it offers--including even browsing the job database itself--before you register.

Career Owl has many features that make it unique in the job database space. It's "virtual agent" picks jobs that meet your criteria and places them in your "in tray" on the site. This e-mail-like interface also allows you to keep track of the jobs you've applied for, the jobs you've found, and newly posted jobs. You can also browse jobs by industry, occupation, or location, or do full text searches.

The site currently has over 30 job postings in their scientific services category, everything from entry level technician jobs to management and sales. There are also several science-related jobs in two other categories: The healthcare section has a subsection for "medical and diagnostic labs," and the "specialized services" section offers some science-related jobs. That's not bad for a site that's limited to Canada.

Other site features include a section where you can enter and modify your resume, and an excellent resource center with information and advice on career planning, the job search, resume design, the drafting of a cover letter, and more.

This page is very well designed, easy to browse, fun to use, and contains lots of information and help for job seekers. Check it out.

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