Degrees Offered for 'Clicking Through'

People who spend their lives online can now get degrees for it through Lahoyya State University. "Hey--I spend my life online. Now I can get a degree for it!" exclaimed Lahoyya State University student Phil Serfer. An expansion of Alladvantage's business plan of paying people for their click throughs, Lahoyya State gives credits for them--1500 click throughs will give you the equivalent of a 3-credit course; 50,000,000 will get you a Ph.D. in bioinformatics. "You click through, we get the money. Then you get the credits," explained Vice Chancellor in residence Doug Shmarmy. "We're planning to use the money for basketball scholarships." Shmarmy denies the new program has anything to do with Lahoyya's recent devastating loss in the first rounds of the NCAA championship.

Happy April Fool's!!

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