Networking European Chemists

The Federation of European Chemical Societies (FECS) launched the European Network for Chemistry (ENC) at the end of February to improve virtual communication between European chemists. Although it is not yet fully developed, the FECS hopes the new site will eventually link every European chemist.

According to Paul Curnow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the aim is to "enhance the way [chemists] communicate with each other, so they know more about what each other are doing." And Evelyn McEwan, who has been instrumental in putting together the fledgling site, says they want it to become "a one-stop shop for chemists and chemical societies throughout Europe."

So what does the site have to offer the younger chemist? Plenty, Paul Curnow assures Next Wave. It carries news of initiatives and research opportunities in the E.U., conferences in different European countries, career advice, and resources aimed specifically at young chemists. Caroline Winn, a chemist at the University of Cambridge, said, "I have just been applying for postdocs in Europe and funding to go with them, so for someone like me, it would have been a very useful Web site to come across a couple of months ago." The section on education and training includes details of the European Chemist (EurChem) designation, which aims to make it easier for chemists to move between jobs in different European countries.

Right now, however, most of the site is very much in its early stages and Evelyn McEwan says she is "very open to suggestions of ways of enhancing it."

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