Site Review: Scholarships Canada

Scholarships Canada is what its name suggests: a scholarship database for Canadians. I'd call it a Canadian Grantsnet, but it's missing all of the useful supplementary information you'd find at, and, well, a lot of the grants aren't there either. Instead, this is an extremely useful source of information on supplementary cash you may be eligible for.

Although Scholarships Canada is free, it requires you to register by filling out a quite detailed form. But there is a reason behind the questions they ask: The database is quite 'intelligent' and uses information about your own unique situation (your school in Canada, field of interest, extracurricular activities, and community ties) to search for and send back only the information that is relevant to you. For example, when I typed in that I was a graduate student, interested in biochemistry, and attending the University of Western Ontario, the database spouted out over $190,000 worth of scholarships I might be eligible for. Almost all of the scholarships that were displayed were tailored to me. And a lot were smaller $500 prizes that I hadn't heard of before.

The database has a lot of information on each scholarship, including application deadlines, a description of who can apply and what the scholarship is for, and the amount of money being awarded. None of the scholarships I looked at were ones you could apply to online, but, with all the scholarships available, it might be worth it to fill out and mail a few applications--after all, we could all use an extra $500, not to mention an award on our resumes.

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