Scientists in Computer Gaming: *Feature Index*

1 OCTOBER 1999


How would you like to spend your professional life doing nothing but playing computer games?

Greg Street left marine science for the gaming industry when he saw an online want ad for game designers.

Michael Skolones wanted to understand the universe as a physicist, but instead ended up working in the exciting world of 3D-interactive technology.

Andy Karn got his foot in the gaming door when he wrote a demo screen saver for Berkeley Systems' well-know screen-saver package, After Dark.

Shirley Pepke worked on game software for over 2 years and says she can still count the number of female programmers she knows on one hand.

Joe Decuir thought he wanted to go to medical school, but instead he ended up making people happy by designing games.

Bryan Galdrikian started out studying quantum wells, but he had always loved to program and wanted a job in which he could contribute a lot with his math skills.

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