GrantDoctor: Where Can I Find Money For Elementary School Science? How Do I Get Instructions And Deadlines For R03 Grants?


Where Can I Find Money For Elementary School Science?

How Do I Get Instructions And Deadlines For R03 Grants?

I'm an elementary school teacher, and we never have money for science projects (i.e., an outdoor nature center). Where can I look for money? - Elementary School Teacher

Dear Elementary School Teacher,

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) provides excellent funding and research information. It also promotes the Toyota TAPESTRY Grants for Teachers, for which the application deadline is 20 January 2000. These grants are given to support "innovative projects that enhance science education in the school and/or school district." Elementary teachers must teach some science in the classroom to be eligible. There are currently 50 1-year grants to be awarded, each worth up to $10,000. Previous grants have been awarded for research on wetlands, mosquitoes, the ozone, birds, and other assorted topics.

State-specific information on educational resources in the United States and more details on NSTA's awards and competitions can be found through the association?s Education Resources page.

You may be interested in a number of key organizations from which you could gather more detailed information on funding opportunities.

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

Phone: (202)401-0113

Funding opportunities at the U.S. Department of Education

Office of Educational Research and Improvement

Download and read the highlights of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study, which describes how well schoolchildren in the United States are doing in mathematics and science compared to children in other countries.

I hope this helps.

-- The GrantDoctor

How do I get instructions and deadlines for R03 grants? -- OLcay

Dear OLcay,

The National Institutes of Health's (NIH's) R03 (small grant) awards typically provide up to $50,000 per year for 1 or 2 years to help support pilot projects and the development of emerging techniques and to help facilitate the move to independent researcher status.

Not all the institutes, however, offer this type of grant, and some accept applications only after they have put out a specific request or announcement. Predoctoral and postdoctoral scientists, junior faculty, M.D.s, and senior scientists can apply, but first check the entry and eligibility requirements specified by each awarding institute, as they may vary. The Fogarty International Center at the NIH awards small grants to U.S. applicant institutions to "facilitate collaborative research in a foreign collaborator's research site"--up to $32,000 in direct costs are available to enhance relationships with labs abroad.

Since this summer, administration of R03 awards have adopted NIH's modular application system and so do not require submission of itemized budgets. Instead, budget justifications less than $250,000 are composed of $25,000 increments.

You can submit an R03 application using the Public Health Service document, PHS 398 which has guidelines and instructions for R03 submissions and advice in preparing modular applications.

There are many deadlines throughout the year for R03s, but specific dates depend on which institute you apply to. The National Institute on Drug Abuse will accept R03 applications on the first of October, February and June whereas the National Cancer Institute, who sponsors R03 grants on behavioral research has deadlines on the twentieth of April, August and December.

Read more information about the NIH institutes that have awarded R03 grants since 1993.

Download the PHS 398 documents, application forms and instructions.

NIH's Modular Research Grant Application web page.

Read specific information about the modular grant application and further instructions hints.

Next Wave's sister site, GrantsNet, has a searchable database of over half a thousand program announcements from more than 200 organizations. You can find detailed descriptions, deadlines, and contact information for many of NIH's R03 awards there.

Good luck!

-- The GrantDoctor

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