Introducing the GrantDoctor

Nerves shot, furrowed brow, jittery reflexes, feverish--symptoms that point to only one diagnosis--you have Grantitis! You need help and you need it fast.

  • Want to know how to find information about funding or how to write a winning grant?

  • Need advice on how to plan and prepare an application?

  • What happens to your proposal during the review?

  • How do you balance your budget? Who should you call!?

  • What about Internet submissions?

Whatever questions you have about the grant process, the GrantDoctor is here to help. Send questions to

The GrantDoctor will select representative questions and answer them on the Next Wave. "Consultations" and advice from program officers, grants administrators, and grant-writing experts will be provided.

Whatever your field of science, regardless of your status (junior faculty, postdoc, or just starting out in the competitive world of research), grant writing is part of your life.

So avoid coming down with the symptoms and take some preventive medicine--the GrantDoctor has the cure! Look for the first GrantDoctor Q&A column on August 27th.

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