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Looking for a job can be tedious business, particularly when you're just starting out. There are so many companies and so many places to look. We have often thought it would be really nice if somebody would comb all the company, nonprofit, and university pages where a scientist might find a job and organize them in some easily searchable kind of way.

Well, guess what? It's finally happened. Enter stage right (now Web site which collects jobs that might specifically be of interest to scientists. And they're not all lab jobs either. We typed in the key word "writer" and popped up 40 jobs. We were all very excited. Not that we don't love our jobs at the Next Wave--we're just excited that there's finally a site that catalogs jobs for scientists, including writer jobs. (We get a lot of questions from scientists who want to be writers, and we're happy to know that there are jobs for some of them.) is a versatile site. You can submit your resume, search for a job, browse their list of employers, or even a sign up for e-mail alerts.

So, if you're a scientist looking for a job, is a great place to start.

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