Site Review: The Job Bus

The Job Bus is designed to do one thing: "drive" you to the career pages of Canadian companies and organizations. If you're trying to find out who's hiring, or what positions are open at what companies, the Job Bus is the way to go.

The site is very easy to use: Just click on the category of job you are looking for. A list of links will come up for companies in this category that have Web pages listing open positions. For example, clicking on "medical and health" will bring you to a list of 30 or so Canadian medical/health/biotech companies posting jobs on their own Web sites. Clicking on the first one, AnorMed, brings you right to the AnorMed Web site, where this company describes the seven or so positions it has open in biology, toxicology, organic chemistry, and the like.

The site is very different from your usual job posting site because there are no postings on it. Instead, it's kind of the Yahoo of job postings: a search engine that will show you what company or organization sites on the Web have job postings on them. But, unlike Yahoo, it's got its own content as well: articles on interview skills, getting ahead in the job search, and filling your résumé. And although the content is a bit on the sparse side, it shows promise.

Job Bus is trying to be the Canadian portal for job postings--a novel, but very useful, concept for anyone looking for work.

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