Site Review: Mathematical Sciences Career Information

Although the majority of new doctoral recipients in mathematics are still seeking and accepting academic positions, there are a variety of job opportunities in industry and government for mathematicians. However, finding out exactly what these career opportunities are and what life on the job is like can be difficult. The American Mathematical Society's Project for Nonacademic Employment is designed to make finding answers to those kinds of career questions a little easier.

The site contains a career bulletin board which features profiles of mathematicians in nonacademic positions complete with a question-and-answer forum where you can post your career questions. There is also an area entitled the Mathematical Applications Index, which can be used as a quick reference to the fields of mathematics used in industry and government. This is a useful site with some original content rather than just a nifty collection of links--definitely worth a visit from time to time.

We only have one criticism. We're not sure how frequently the site is updated. When we first visited the site, it hadn't been updated for some time. We e-mailed the site administrators and asked if there were plans to update the site. We didn't get a note back. But the next day we looked at the site again and, interestingly enough, it had been updated. We're not sure if the two events are related because we never heard back from the site administrator. So although the site is current now, we're not sure how long it will stay that way.

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