Metered Access FAQs

What is changing?

What has changed? Why?

As part of our goal to learn more about our audience, we have introduced a metered access feature to our News from Science content. After reading three articles in the space of a month, readers of News from Science content will be asked to sign up for our daily newsletter, Science Daily News. After 10 articles, we will ask you to register with us by providing some limited demographic information so that we can continue to improve your reading experience.

What is News from Science?

News from Science is the content posted on our daily news site. This includes Latest News, ScienceInsider, ScienceShots, and Sifter. News and Feature articles appearing in the print version of Science and available online on the journal’s website will continue to be available only to AAAS members and Science subscribers. 

What is the Science Daily News newsletter?

The Science Daily News newsletter is delivered to your email inbox and contains daily News from Science headlines.

What is included?

What is included in this change?

News from Science content including Latest News, ScienceInsider, ScienceShots, and Sifter are part of this change. No content that appears in any of the Science journals will be metered.

Does this include the Science family of journals such as Immunology, etc.?

No, access to journal content will not change; those who had access to Science, Science Immunology, Science Translational Medicine, Science Signaling, and Science Robotics will continue to access that content in the same manner. As always, all content published in Science Advances is free to read and download.

If I view the same article 10 times, does that count as my free 10 articles for the month?

No, views are counted by unique articles viewed; the amount of times the same article is viewed (within 30 minutes) does not count toward viewing total.

Will my reading be metered?

I’m an AAAS member; why do I need to log in?

As a member of AAAS you have unhindered access to all Science magazine and News content; logging in verifies your access.

If I’m registered and getting the Science Daily News newsletter, why am I seeing this message?

As a Science Daily News newsletter subscriber, you’ll just need to verify your email when prompted after reading three articles in a month. After that, you’ll be able to read up to 10 articles per month without submitting any additional information. After verifying with email the first time, AAAS members and newsletter subscribers may be asked to validate every 3 months. AAAS members may avoid this request by signing into

How does it work?

When does my month start and end?

The beginning of a month begins after the initial visit to a News from Science article and will reset on the same day of the next month or the end of the next month, whichever comes first. Example: My initial article view took place on 14 January; my meter will reset on 14 February. If my first view took place on 31 January, my meter will reset on 28 February.

What if I don’t want to subscribe—can I still read News from Science for free?

Visitors have free access to three News from Science articles (including Latest News, Insider, Shots, and Sifter) each month on Your free, limited access resets a month after your initial article view. Please reference the question above regarding the start and end dates of months of access.

I am an AAAS member; do I have to register for this?

No, as an AAAS member you already have access to all Science news content. Please sign in on or verify your membership when prompted to do so.

My company, library, school, or organization has an institutional license or subscription. Will I be held to the metered access rules?

Yes. As an individual accessing News from Science content, you are a reader we’d love to learn more about! Therefore, even if an institution of which you are a member has a Science subscription, we will still request that you sign up for our newsletter and register in order to access more than three or 10 articles per month, respectively. Institutional licenses and subscriptions only apply to our Science family of journal content.

How do I manage my email preferences?

If you’d like to learn more about the newsletters and see which newsletters you may be already receiving, you can visit this page and enter your email address. Once your information is loaded, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to any of our email offerings.

Where can I find help if I have questions?

I have forgotten my AAAS ID/email associated with my account; how do I find that?

If you receive the digital version of Science, the email address to which new issues are sent is your AAAS ID. If you do not get the digital version of Science, or if you are having an issue with your AAAS ID, please contact MemberCentral Support by email at or by phone at 1-202-326-6417 (U.S.) or 866-434-2227 (INTL) weekdays between 8:30 a.m. ET and 5:00 p.m. ET.

I am an AAAS member and have forgotten my password to sign into; how do I find that?

You can visit to reset your password or contact MemberCentral Support by email at or by phone at 1-202-326-6417 (U.S.) or 866-434-2227 (INTL) weekdays between 8:30 a.m. ET and 5:00 p.m. ET.

How do I become an AAAS member?

To experience unhindered access to all Science magazine and News content, as well as many other AAAS member benefits, please go to to become a member. Your membership also ensures that we can continue to advance science for the benefit of all people.

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