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866-434-AAAS (2227) (in Washington, DC: 202-326-6417)

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AAAS Member Services
1200 New York Avenue NW
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North America:

Main Headquarters
1200 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20005
Editorial: 202-326-6550
News: 202-326-6581

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European Headquarters
Science International
Bateman House
82-88 Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 1LQ, UK
Phone: +44(0) 1223 326 500

Technical and Site Help

If you're having site troubles and are unable to find answers in our Site Help section, please use the Feedback form to transmit your problem to our technical support staff. You can also contact a Science Customer Services representative by phone at: 202-326-6417 or toll free in the United States at 866-434-2227 or e-mail us at

Editorial Inquiries

202-326-6550 (North America)
+44(0) 1223 326 500 (Europe)

E-Mail: (general editorial queries) (queries about letters to the editor) (general book review queries)

Contact information for individual editors can be found on the Science Magazine Meet the Editors page.

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts and Letters to the Editor for Science should be submitted online at Before submitting, all prospective contributors should carefully read the detailed article guidelines, formatting instructions, and uploading directions found on the ScienceAuthor Help Site.

202-326-6550 (North America)

+44(0) 1223 326 500 (Europe)

News Department Inquiries

Questions or tips for the news department.



Contact information for individual news staff can be found on the Science Magazine Meet the News Staff page.

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Information about how to order print and e-copies of individual articles or how to request permission to reproduce content published in our journals and web publications in new works can be found on the Reprints and Permissions Guidelines page.

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Toll Free: 866-265-4152
For International Calls: +1-202-326-6730

Advertising Group

Product Advertising

(Gateway to product ad info and specifications, along with a list of ad sales representatives and phone numbers)


202-326-7061 (North America)
+44(0) 1223 326 500 (Europe)

Classified Advertising

Online: Advertisers Section
(Complete information on print and online recruitment advertisements, along with a list of ad sales representatives and phone numbers)


For recruitment advertising information, please call 202-326-6582

Media Contacts

Main Science Press Package Line:
Phone: 202-326-6440

Specific Contacts:

Ginger Pinholster
Director, AAAS Office of Public Programs
Phone: 202-326-6421

Meagan Phelan
Science Press Package Executive Director
Phone: 202-326-6436

Nadia Ramlagan
Senior Writer
Phone: 202-326-6706

Jennifer Anderson
Communications Officer
Phone: 202-326-6466

For Careers

Bill Moran, Director
Worldwide Advertising Sales
Phone: (202) 326-6438

Tracy Holmes
Worldwide Associate Director, Science Careers
Phone: +44 (0) 1223 326525

Customer Support

Kelly Grace
Phone: +44 (0) 1223 326528

Advertising Sales

In the Americas

Tina Burks
Phone: (202) 326-6577

Nancy Toema
Phone: (202) 326-6578

Job Posting Customer Service
Phone: (202) 326-6577

Europe/India/Australia/N. Zealand/Rest of World

Sarah Lelarge
Phone: +44 (0) 1223 326527

Job Posting Customer Service
Phone: +44 (0) 1223 326528


Ruolei Wu Phone: +86-186 0082 9345

Danny Zhao Phone: +86 131 4114 0012


Katsuyoshi Fukamizu (Tokyo)
Phone: +81-3-3219-5777

Hiroyuki Mashiki (Kyoto)
Phone: +81-75-823-1109

Adarsh Sandhu
International Collaboration & Custom Publishing
Phone: +81 532-81-5142

Editorial, North America

Rachel Bernstein, Editor
Phone: (510) 316-1966

Donisha Adams, Content Production Editor
Phone: (202) 326-6583

Editorial, Europe & International

Elisabeth Pain, Contributing Editor, Europe

Worldwide Outreach Program

Sean Sanders, Commercial Editor, Worldwide Outreach Director
Phone: (202) 326-6430

For Science Translational Medicine

Mailing address:

Science Translational Medicine Editorial Office
1200 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202-326-6501


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To submit a new manuscript:

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